Music Lessons


Lessons available in your home (M, T, W, F) in San Diego.

Lessons at MOZE GUITARS (Thursday) in La Mesa.

Lessons at CONVOY PIANO (T, W) in Clairemont.

All ages and skill levels are welcome.

45min for $45 | 60min for $50 | 90min for $60

Craig has been teaching music to private students for 18 years!

(Note that this Page is under construction)

There are countless great teachers out there. Each have their own specialties and interests.

Craig’s main interests are in helping students master the fretboard, the fundamentals of good technique, learn basic or even advanced theory, and teach improvisation to jazz/rock/blues students and/or classical technique to classical guitar students.

Above all though, he aims to teach the student how to break things down and come up with exercises, whether physical or mental, that will cut to the chase and get results. In addition to teaching his students what to do and study he also teaches them the what and why of what he is giving them so that they will be able to become their own best teacher down the road.

Craig is an avid student of technique and the process of learning. He enjoys sharing his discoveries from having studied music for 30 years and aims to help his students get the most out of their practice. Most notably, Craig is highly skilled at teaching how to learn the notes on the instrument as well as the relevant music theory to be applied in mastering the instrument for improvisation and general musical awareness.

Craig began his studies at 10yrs of age in 1990. His first five years were spent learning the basics of blues, rock/metal, and reading music.

In 1995, at the age of 15, he knew he was going to make a career out of playing music, and shifted his focus to jazz in order to learn improvisation and to master the fretboard. He began performing jazz professionally in 2000 and earned a Bachelor of Music degree with specialization in jazz performance from SDSU in 2003.

Craig discovered classical guitar in 2003 while performing for his sister’s wedding and hasn’t looked back! Since then he has spent most of his time on the study of classical guitar technique and the classical guitar repertoire.

In addition to performing solo classical guitar music, Craig performs rhumba flamenco and latin jazz with his lifelong mentor Mark Bacilla in their collaboration Bacilla|Stephenson Guitar Duo (previously known as San Diego Guitar Duo). Craig was also soprano vocalist Barbara Tobler’s primary guitar accompanist and arranger from 2010 to 2014 in their project Lyriphon.